Sara Broyhill Anderson

Sara is a wife, mother of five, and Christian apologist with her Juris Doctorate and Masters of Divinity in Apologetics as of May 2021. Sara started Fruits of Faith Ministries in 2016 which now reaches thousands of people each week on social media. 


In addition, Sara is a speaker with Women of the Well Communicators as well as an official member of the MOPS speakers network. She also  speaks to women's groups about mining truth from God's Word and applying it to everyday life. She sees the value of settling the questions of truth within to enable us to leave the most precious legacy: a legacy of faith.


Sara has authored several Bible studies which she has taught to local Bible study groups and is the author of the timely and compelling book,  "The Best Is Yet to Come: Facing the Fears of Today With God’s Hope for Tomorrow" and "20/20 Vision: How Exodus 20:20 Brings the Purpose of Our Trials into Focus." 

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Dr. Kelly Wheeler

Kelly is a Christian author and educator who has navigated the difficult road of facial reconstruction, infertility, and loss and discovered the life-changing love of God on her journey of healing.


She is the author of the new book, "Transformed By Love: Finding freedom in the Father's Heart," a devotional book of love letters from the Heavenly Father that inspire a greater discovery of His love and a faith-filled journey toward His promises.


Kelly is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (C.H.E.S) who holds a Ph.D. in Public Health and Master's of Public Health (M.P.H.) from Walden University. She has worked in the field of Health Education for 17+ years in both nonprofit and academic sectors, and she has traveled to Haiti, Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua sharing the love of Jesus through life-giving health education programs.

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Amanda Schaefer

Amanda is the creator and host of "A Cup of Gratitude" podcast, an author, publisher, and speaker.
She loves DIY projects, her rescue dog Darcy, and spending time working in the garden.

Whatever she does, she does so with a heart of gratitude and the hope that comes from her deep relationship with Jesus.

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Keepers of the Flame

This page features those who are helping their fellow believers to keep their flames of God's truth burning bright.


Mr. Paul Lee

Paul is a retired Chattanooga Police Department Captain, with 29 years of law enforcement service.

He has worked on several specialized units including Federal Task Forces, five years as a Hostage Negotiator and five years on the SWAT Team.

Paul is the current Executive Director of Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO) and has been an FCPO member since 1995, is a former Chapter Chairman and has served in various capacities on the National Board. Paul and his wife Donna have five adult children and four grandchildren.

To learn more about Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, start your own local chapter or become a member,  visit

Anitas Head Shot.JPG

Anita Myles Dames

For Fourteen (14) years Anita Myles Dames struggled with same-sex desires. As a result, over the years she searched for true clarity about her identity, “Was this the way God created me? Gay?” She would frequently ask herself.

Receiving rejection, condemnation, and experiencing depression caused her to live in isolation. In the search of truth (still gay) between the years 2008-2012, she activated her faith (believed in who God says He is) and went before the Lord, believing that He has all the answers.

It was in the year 2013, the unexpected miracle transpired. God SPOKE DIRECTLY to Anita and instantly erased fourteen years of same-sex desires.

After her supernatural encounter, Anita, out of complete obedience, humbly answered the call to share God's love. She encourages those struggling with same-sex desires through teachings on The Power Of Faith. Anita´s primary focus is educating such individuals on the key ingredients of her testimony:

1) The importance of the activation of one´s faith
2) Creating unity with God through prayer and studying of His word.

Now through the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit, He allows her to: minister to the hearts of those who are currently battling—asking the question she too once asked, ¨Who Am I? ¨; encourage and bring awareness to others, exclaiming God is able to renew their mind in Him, but it requires one's faith in God.

Anita has currently written her very first book (not yet published) “From Gay
to Faith”—a Christian Non-Fiction inspirational—in hopes to reach people
struggling with same sex desires; in need of their own personal answer from God and seeking a way out.
You can follow her on her social media platform @thepowerof_faithhopelove
where she weekly encourages growth in faith and shares, her personal journey
pertaining to same sex desires.
Privately, she also mentors and gives Godly counsel to those who struggles
with same-sex desires.